Online Blues Dance Lesson Pack: Juke Joint Blues Workshop (3 lessons)

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Title: Juke Joint Blues Workshop

Description: A brief introduction to a classic, but (until recently) rarely taught style of slow dance has has dominated late-night gatherings and after-parties for countless decades.

Dance genre: Blues

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Lessons in this pack

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Lesson , Style Instructors Level Price
Juke Joint Blues Basic :: Blues
Breakdown of basic Juke Joint Blues positioning, frame and connection. This is a versatile basic, interchangeable with other forms of Blues and slow Lindy Hop.
Ronni Creel, Todd Dewey


Juke Joint Ochos :: Blues
Classic Tango step modified to fit the Juke Joint Blues context. The breakdown for this follow-showcase move will include must know tips and techniques for leading this clearly and making it work smoothly.
Ronni Creel, Todd Dewey


Tranky Slides :: Blues
An example of inserting syncopated jazz moves in Juke Joint Blues. Includes tips for initiating and leading/following this syncopation clearly.
Ronni Creel, Todd Dewey


(1-3 of 3)
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