Gift Baskets

What are Gift Baskets?

Gift Baskets on allow you to fill your shopping basket with goodies and then send those things as a virtual gift basket.

What can you put in your basket?

Full Site Access Passes, individual Lessons, and Packs.

Who can you send a gift basket to?

To anyone with an email: a friend, family member, colleague, loved one, or well, anyone who loves dancing!

A great person to send a gift basket to is that friend or partner who may be too shy to hit the dance floor or take a class without some preparation ahead of time.


1. You won't be able to put a Site Subscription in a Gift Basket, since these renew automatically which charges a credit card. To gift full site access for a period of time put an Access Pass in the basket instead!

How to send a gift basket

1. Add items to your cart as usual with the "add to cart" button" button:

2. When you're ready to checkout, hit the checkout button:

3. When you start your checkout you may enter in an email address to make this purchase a Gift Basket:

Make this purchase a Gift Basket for

4. Continue through the checkout process as usual.

5. After of the checkout an email will be sent to "" inviting them to redeem the Gift Basket.