What is offers thousands of online dance lessons in a wide variety of dance styles. We offer the range of beginner through advanced lessons.

Complete novices can ease into the world of dance gently and at their own pace. Advanced students can refine their technique and branch out.

How do gifts work?

You can send lessons as a gift for someone else.

1. Use the 1-Step Quick Checkout form on this page to gift a Full Site Access Pass in one simple step, or

2. You can gift the contents of your shopping cart to someone else during normal checkout.

What stuff can you send as a gift?

All our stuff: Full Site Access Passes, individual Lessons, and Packs, except Site Subscriptions.

Since Site Subscriptions renew automatically which charges a credit card, to gift full site access for a period, gift an Access Pass instead!

Who can you send a gift to?

To anyone with an email: a friend, family member, colleague, grooms-to-be, etc.

A great person to send a gift to is that friend or partner who may be too shy to hit the dance floor or take a class without some preparation ahead of time.

In a hurry?

Use the 1-step Quick Checkout form:

Sending a gift during standard checkout

Giving a gift is integrated with the standard checkout process.

To send a gift this way you'll need an account (free). You can skip creating your own account by using the 1-Step Checkout on this page.

1. Add items to your cart as usual with the "add to cart" button" button:

2. When you're ready to checkout, hit the checkout button:

3. In step 3 of checkout, you'll be asked if your purchase is for someone else.:

Gift recipient email:

4. Continue through the checkout process.

Afterwards an email will be sent to inviting them to redeem the gift.