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Info for Prospective Instructors

iDance.net operates with the fundamental belief that dance as an activity and study is nourishing for all people ­ as individuals, as partners, as communities, and as a planet. We welcome a partnership withh all dance instructors on who share this mission. The spirit of this mission and partnership is above all else about fostering love and joy ­ especially the love and joy of dance.

If this is how you approach movement and education, and if you've got chops, we'd love to hear from you! iDance.net is constantly adding new talented dancers and dance instructors to the site. Would you like to join us? All dance styles are welcome!

Teach With Us

A key component of iDance.net's mission to promote the "love and joy of dance" is to make it easier for dance instrctors to be and stay dance instructors. Instructors who partner with iDance.net enjoy a worldwide exposure and longterm passive income. Many more benefits that iDance.net instructors enjoy are detailed below.

The only criteria to get your dance instruction on iDance.net is that you dance well, and teach well. Our preference is that be an accomplished dancer in your field.

There are two ways to get started as an iDance.net. First, if you have production-quality digital video of your dance instruction, we'll review it for a "good fit" for our mission.

Secondly, in some cases we may be interested in filming your instruction ourselves if you don't have any pre-filmed, or want more. We may be able to make an arrangement for a filming date.

If you would like to do the filmings yourselves, and would like to match our optimum lesson structure, and Lesson Pack organization, drop us a line and we can get you started in the right direction. One Lesson Pack of 5+ lessons is the minimum that we need to get an instructor started on the site.

If you are interested or have questions about partnering with iDance.net, please contact us AND PROVIDE ALL OF THE INFORMATION BELOW. Please make sure your information is complete and accurate.

* Please make sure that any video links are publicly accessible.

Let Us Know You're Interested

iDance.net Instructors Enjoy

Dance instructors all over the world find iDance.net an ideal partner which empowers them to fully share and make a living from their dance teaching in a digital age. iDance.net has solved the many daunting technical challenges of a digital instruction marketplace. Because of this, dance instructors are able focus more completely on their dancing and instructional careers, and not on trying to be a web guru.

The valuable solutions that iDance.net offers dance instructors are: