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Angela Andrew Online Lindy Hop Dance Instructor

Angela Andrew London, United Kingdom

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Angela was born and raised in Hackney, in London's East End. She has a background in music and dance, which was encouraged by her musical family. At the age of 6, with her guitar she led her church choir. She continued to similar work over the following 20 years. Her talents as a Musical Director were so widely recognized within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster that she was invited to lead major celebrations throughout Greater London and some regional towns. At the age of 11, she won a scholarship for The Centre for Young Musicians, Pimlico, where she majored in Composition.

Angela is a self-taught dancer. Hailing from the first generation of lockers, poppers and breakdancers, her love of jazz music led her to search for the roots of street-dance which is vernacular jazz*. Beginning with Ceroc, she discovered Lindy Hop in 1991 at the famous London Club 'Jitterbugs'. Ryan Francois, Julie Oram, Sing Lim, and Ron Leslie were her teachers.

Angela is passionate about social dancing. An explosive element of London's (and the World's) swing dance scene, she is is renowned for her energy and improvisational skills on the dance floor. Influenced by the style of the "Old School" she incarnates today and is keen to retain the true spirit of lindy-hop: taking pleasure with a dash of humour.

*jazz dance which has its roots in dances from early African cultures ie. Tap, Charleston, Lindy hop, Shag, Balboa, Salsa, Hip Hop etc.

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