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Kristin Sorci has been dancing since she was a wee lass. She started in jazz, tap, and ballet, as every "dance kid" does. She also has a ten year background as a gymnast and coach, as well as dancing on point, pop and lock, a bit of hip hop, argentine tango, ballroom, and west coast swing. Kristin started in Lindy hop in 2001 and holds titles such as 2002 American Lindy Hop Championships Blues Champion, Us Open champion (Swing Challenge), and 2002 California Swing Jam Blues Champion. She has taught at many competitions including the Reno Dance Sensation, Swing Camp Mendocino, the SF Swing Challenge, and New Year's Extravaganza as well as private lessons at ALHC, US Open, NJC, SwingDiego, and Grand Nationals. Kristin really enjoys encorporating her experience in other dances into her Lindy Hop, and helping people to think "outside of box."

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