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Mikey Pedroza Online Jazz (vernacular) Dance Instructor, Online Blues Dance Instructor, Online Lindy Hop Dance Instructor

Mikey Pedroza Fullerton, CA, United States

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Since 1998, Mikey Pedroza has taken his perfect blend of ethereal grace and classic style to every performance, competition and instructional event through out the United States and the world. Coming out of the mean, but clean, streets of the Orange County, California, Mikey has earned acclaim for his hard edged, but playful, style of Lindy Hop & Classic Jazz Dance. Mikey's passion for Lindy Hop can be seen on every social dance floor he walks on. Dancing every song to the fullest ability of his heart & soul.

He brings that same fantastic energy to his classes while focusing on the classic jazz dancing look matched with a great technical feel. Mikey's teaching focuses on lead and follow techniques in every sense of those words. With focal points on connection, body leading, movement, and frame. Now he would like to share his unique yet classic style with you. And hopes that you will be able to feel for this American art form as much as he does.

A strong dedication to the understanding and preservation of the classic American made Jazz dances, is what drives him to continue learning these Swing Dances that include: Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Slow Dancing (or Blues Dancing) and Classic, Solo Jazz Dance.

Some dancing credits include: Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Reno Dance Sensation, Boston Tea Party, American Lindy Hop Championships, US Open, International Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Swing It, Good Night Sweet Heart, Lone Star Championships, Mid West Lindy Fest, Southwest Lindy Fest, and Camp Jitterbug. Mikey has also taught at many national, swing dance, instructional weekends. As well as competed and won many national level competitions in such places as: Los Angeles, Cleveland, Nashville, Seattle, Denver, Hawaii, Minneapolis, New York, Stamford, Boston, Houston, Austin, Washington D.C., and Phoenix.

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