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Bobby White Baltimore, MD, United States

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Kate Hedin

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Award-winning swing dance instructors Bobby and Kate have taught throughout the Southeast and in Paris--as well as having taught separately in Cleveland, London, and Utah. They teach Lindy Hop (Un-styled, Hollywood, Savoy Speed, and Hand to Hand Combat), Balboa, Collegiate Shag, dips, tricks, aerials and more. They also teach such classic swing jazz dances as the Whitey's Big Apple and Dean Collin's Shim Sham. It is their personal mission to keep swing dancing fun, comfortable, attractive, and not deadly. Bobby White has been a devout student of all things swing since 1998. From the speed Lindy of the Whitey's and the whips of Dean Collins to the slides of Willie and the jazz steps of Al. He has learned much of his dancing from the inspiration of the original jitterbugs in studying clips as well as modern day dancers like Sylvia Sykes, Marty Klempner, Nick Williams, Marty Lau, Kevin St. Laurent, and Erik Robinson. He regularly teaches in Atlanta. He is also an instructor and choreographer, having created six group choreographies and been a part of many more. He is a member of the Big George Savoy Bouncers performance group and works with Atlanta's Peter Zellner in duo jazz performances.

Bobby & Kate have won: 1st place, Detroit Balboa Championships 2004
3rd place, Eastern Balboa Championships 2004
Finalist, All Balboa Weekend Championships, Cleveland, 2004. Bobby has won: 1st place, Dixie-wing Swing Dance Contest Professional Division 2005
1st place, AVS Lindy Jill and Jack (as follow)
1st Place, Music City Mini Camp 2004 Balboa Jack and Jill.
2nd place, United Kingdom Lindy Hop championships, Showcase Division, 2003.

2nd place, Music City Mini Camp 2004 Lindy Jack and Jill
2nd Place, Pink City Balboa 2005 Jack and Jill.

3rd place, Webelos Pine Wood Derby, 1991. Car: #3, "The Pink Nightmare"

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