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Online Lindy Hop Dance Lesson Pack: Idance To The Music (4 lessons)

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Title: iDance to the Music


Duke Ellington said in his autobiography Music Is My Mistress that the thing he looked for most in a musician was his ability to listen. As social dancers, listening is the most important thing we can do as well, whether we are speaking metaphorically about listening to your partner or literally about listening to the music. But what does it really mean to listen? The definition I like the best is "to make an effort to hear" something. Many people passively listen, simply letting the music wash over them; they are in turn following the music instead of participating with it. Listening is an active process that yearns to be backed by education and intention. Without intention, there is no improvisation. Being able to identify rhythmic structure and melody is an important part of developing your listening and dancing skills. Once you start to recognize the form you can more actively make your dancing fit not only the pulse and feel of the song but the structure. This will give your dancing the look and feel of choreography while maintaining the spontaneity of improvisation.

Terms you need to know:

Bar = four beats. (In order to get eight counts from bars, divide the bars by two.)

Chorus = part of the song that repeats

Dance genre: Lindy Hop

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Lessons in this pack (1-4 of 4)

(1-4 of 4)
(1-4 of 4)
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