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Online Argentine Tango Dance Lesson Pack: Argentine Tango Vol 7: Argentine Tango Musicality (16 lessons)

Pack Details

Title: Argentine Tango Vol 7: Argentine Tango Musicality


Studying musicality is a lifetime pursuit of exploring self, connectiong and creativity. As dancers progress in skill they are more interested and perhaps more capable of expressing emotional nuance through their bodies and connections with other dancers. But for dancers of all abilities, it is never too soon or too late to explore concepts in musicality and to be open to the recommendations and exercises of masters of the art. In this pack, Alex Krebs give valuable insights, concepts and exercises for you to explore and develop your Argentine Tango musicality, and musicality in general.

Dance genre: Argentine Tango

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$24.84 $21.11

Lessons in this pack (1-16 of 16)

(1-16 of 16)
(1-16 of 16)
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