Online West African Dance Lessons Pack: All Abdoulaye Camara West African Dance: Tiriba, Telefone, Mandiani, Kuku, Yolé, Kassa, Yamama, Sinté, Soli, Soko (40 lessons)

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Title: All Abdoulaye Camara West African Dance: Tiriba, Telefone, Mandiani, KuKu, Yolé, Kassa, Yamama, Sinté, Soli, Soko


This pack contains ten dances from different regions of West Africa. If you are dancer who feels you could grow in the areas of groundedness, earthiness, arm movement, hand movement, head movement, full body coordinated movement, letting go completely, and solo movement and expression in general, these dances will send you along that path by leaps and bounds.

Yole is a traditional mask dance from the Temne people of Sierra Leone near the Guinean border. It is danced by young and old at nearly all festive occasions.

Kuku is from the forest region of Guinea, a rhythm originally used to welcome initiates back into the village.

Mandiani is a traditional Malinke rhythm from eastern Guinea, originally danced by the young girls of the village before coming of age.

Triba is a welcoming dance of the Baga people of north western Guinea.

Telefone is a recently composed rhythm and dance, Telefone refers to the role the drum plays in bringing people together as well as the communication between the drum and the dancer.

Soko is a traditional rhythm of the Komanko people of Guinea’s Faranah region, originally used in male initiation but now popular throughout Guinea for weddings and other ceremonies.

Soli is from the Malinke ethnic group, traditionally used during the ritual that proceeds a boy’s initiation into manhood.

Sinté is from the Susu ethnic group of coastal Guinea, danced all year round at various village gatherings.

Yamama is from the Susu ethnic group, also called “Mamaya”. The women of the village get together once a year to honor the female spirit of Yamama. On this occasion they will ask her for whatever they need for the coming year.

Kassa is a traditional Malinke rhythm from Upper Guinea played at all events linked to harvest as well as to encourage farmers as they plant and harvest their crops.

These West African dance lessons originally appeared on the DVDs "West African Dance Vol 1 & 2". It is our pleasure to make it available online for students of African dance and dancers who wish to cross-train in multiple disciplines.

Dance genre: West African

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