Online Jazz (vernacular) Dance Lesson Video: Wiere Brothers Cartwheels

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This lesson takes inspiration from The Wiere Brothers and their fabulously acrobatic act, and puts their tandem cartwheels into context, breaking them down for you, and someone else!

Price: $1.99
Instructors: Jo Hoffberg, Sharon Davis
Level: 4
Duration: 6:53

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Jo Hoffberg Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Jo Hoffberg, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Vintage Dances Partner Charleston Lindy Hop Jazz (vernacular)
Teaches with: Kevin St. Laurent Sharon Davis
Available Lessons: 169 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 45 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Although Jo Hoffberg calls California her home, she spends most of the year traveling with her dance partner Kevin St. Laurent. She holds 1st place titles from the US Open, Canadian Swing Championships, Camp Hollywood, American Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown and the International Lindy Hop Championships. Currently performing with The Killer Dillers, she is a passionate and avid dancer, instructor and competitor.

Kevin and Jo bring a fresh edge to Lindy Hop with inventive aerials, musical routines and high speed dancing. They began their partnership in 2007, and their professional careers have taken them to over 16 countries on five continents including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. With clear and humorous instruction, these two creative and versatile dancers will entertain, inspire and help you become the best dancer you can be.

Sharon Davis London, , United Kingdom

Sharon Davis, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Partner Charleston Lindy Hop Jazz (vernacular) Blues
Teaches with: Jo Hoffberg Juan Villafane
Available Lessons: 95 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 28 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From London, , United Kingdom

Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, Sharon has been performing, teaching and competing in vintage jazz dances since 2001. In Lindy Hop, Blues and Charleston, Sharon is admired for her unique and feminine style, musicality and energy. Sharon has also built an international reputation in solo jazz dances, including 1920s Charleston, authentic jazz, solo blues and burlesque. Sharon has a background in theatre, and is co-founder of Australian burlesque troupe Sugar Blue Burlesque, with which she has delighted audiences with her graceful feather fan dances and sassy showgirl antics. Sharon is an Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown champion, and has claimed numerous awards in Australia and internationally. As an instructor and DJ, Sharon is known for her dedication to the history of vernacular jazz dances and the music they evolved to. With her bright and bubbly personality, Sharon's teaching style is energetic, creative and fun. Visit her website and blog at




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