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Lesson Packs are discounted groupings of lessons that the staff has carefully selected to center around a specific theme. This allows you to concentrate more on learning from lessons and less on searching for the right lessons to learn. Check out the many tasty and surprising Lesson Packs that we've cooked up below!

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Leon James And Esther Washington Jam :: 7 lessons
This is a 7 part series that teaches the steps and styling from Leon James' breathtaking jam with Esther Washington from The Spirit Moves.
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh Lindy Hop

$13.93 $11.84

Slides Seminar :: 11 lessons
This is an in-depth study of slides in a variety of contexts, appropriate for all levels of dancers looking to explore how slides work, what different kinds of slides exist, and how to apply them in both social and so...
Nathan Bugh, Evita Arce Jazz (vernacular)

$21.89 $18.61

Spirit Moves Slide Combo :: 3 lessons
This challenging and exciting 3 part series teaches everything you need to know to execute this tricky and flashy combination in a social dance or performance context.
Nathan Bugh, Evita Arce Lindy Hop

$5.97 $5.07

Lindy Hop Private Lesson Faq :: 15 lessons
This wonderful collection is compiled from all of the issues that Nathan and Evita find themselves dealing with most often among serious dance students, and explores everything from the nuts and bolts of social Lindy ...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh Lindy Hop

$29.85 $25.37

Lindy Hop Essential Technique :: 8 lessons
This absolutely crucial pack collects together some of our most powerful technical concept lessons designed to truly perfect your Lindy Hop.
Bill Borgida, Jaya Dorf, Laura Glaess, & 4 more Lindy Hop

$15.92 $13.53

The Truth Combo :: 8 lessons
In this powerful and eye-opening series, Nathan and Evita take a series of fundamental Lindy Hop patterns, the very core of social dancing, and show you how they really execute them, as opposed to how these figures ar...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh Lindy Hop

$15.92 $13.53

Performing Jazz Steps :: 2 lessons
These lessons focus on performing jazz steps with explosive dynamism, breaking down not only the timing and styling of each step, but also looking deeper into the energy that goes into its presentation.
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh Jazz (vernacular)

$3.98 $3.38

The Tap Shim Sham :: 6 lessons
These lessons teach the Tap Shim Sham routine as created by Leonard Reed. A good routine for newer tap dancers and jazz dancers looking to explore tap - also a great slice of history and an exciting and fun routine yo...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh Tap

$11.94 $10.15

How To Start Tap Dancing :: 7 lessons
This series is a great study for both beginner tap dancers and frustrated tap dancers who want to start again with a clean slate. You will learn a nice collection of simple steps and how to improvise with them!
Joseph Wiggan, Nathan Bugh Tap

$13.93 $11.84

Salsa Spin Technique For Ladies :: 7 lessons
If you want to spin like a pro, then this series will be your bread and butter, guiding you through all the drills and exercises you need to master spinning technique in a huge variety of contexts.
Maria - Guajira, David Troesch Salsa

$13.93 $11.84

Intro To Salsa Part 1 :: 11 lessons
Dive into Salsa head first with this comprehensive introductory series which gives you fundamental technique, timing, footwork, connection, and a simple set of moves to get you started dancing Salsa right away!
Hector Gutierrez, Maria - Guajira Salsa

$21.89 $18.61

Intro To Salsa Part 2 :: 8 lessons
Once you've mastered the moves and concepts from Part 1, take your Salsa up a notch by exploring this set of more complex movements, ideas, and combinations.
Hector Gutierrez, Maria - Guajira Salsa

$15.92 $13.53

Ladies Salsa Freestyle :: 4 lessons
This series is designed to strengthen your expression and quality of movement both solo dancing and with a partner by exploring the classically feminine and spicy stylings in this dance form.
Maria - Guajira Salsa

$7.96 $6.77

Big Time Tandem Charleston :: 14 lessons
This huge and useful series expands upon your Tandem Charleston Basics with an enormous variety of variations from simple to complex, including turns, traveling steps, rhythmic variations, and orientation changes. Thi...
Julee Mertz, Michael Gamble Partner Charleston

$27.86 $23.68

Lindy Focus Vii Electives :: 17 lessons
This pack contains all the evening elective recaps from this camp (Lindy Focus VII, Dec. 26th-31st 2008), sorted by instructor and style. View the main track classes here: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5.
Various Instructors Vintage Dances

$0.00 $0.00

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