Help & Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I sign up?

Follow these simple steps to begin downloading dance lessons from

How do I find the lessons on the site?

The quickest way is to simply click "dance lessons" on the left sidebar under "site navigation". This lets you browse through lessons by style, instructor, keyword search, or difficulty.

When I'm looking at a list of lessons, how do I preview a lesson?

In the far right-hand column, you will see a button with a picture of an eye on it. Click that button to view the details of that lesson and to watch the preview.

When I'm looking at a list of lessons, how do I buy a lesson?

In the far right hand column, next to the "preview" button (styled like an eye), there is the "buy" button. Once you click on this button, you may be prompted to sign in if you're not currently signed in to the site. If you don't have an account, you will be asked to create one.

Once I've clicked the "buy" button, then what?

You now have access to download that lesson for one week. Once you've downloaded it it becomes yours forever, but after a week expires you will no longer be able to download a new copy, so make sure to save your purchases somewhere you'll remember, and to always make a backup copy! To actually initiate the download, click one of the buttons for your preferred download format. You can do this from either your search page, or at any time during the week on your "my iDance" page.

The preview looks choppy and low-quality! What's up with that?

For some of the older lessons on the site, the lesson previews were created in an intentionally lower quality and included no audio to ensure faster internet streaming. However, since bandwidth capacities have gone up in general, all recent lessons have been created with a higher-quality, audio-enabled preview. Regardless of the preview, all full-downloaded versions of all lessons are full-quality and contain sound.

How do I change my credit card or other personal information?

First you must be signed in. To do so, use the sign in box at the top right of any page. Then visit your "my iDance" page (either you will be redirected there automatically, or you can click on "my iDance" from the left sidebar, under "site navigation". Once you've reached your "my IDance" page, you can click the link called "edit account info" to change/update any of your information.

I think I've downloaded a lesson...Where is it?

That is actually up to your internet browser's settings. By default, many browsers download new files directly to your desktop. However, throughout the use of your browser, you may have intentionally or accidentally changed this setting. We recommend exploring your browser's menu, looking for "preferences", "settings" or "options". Once opened, you can usually find a spot that lets you set your "default download location". Once you've found it, we recommend creating a special folder/directory in which to store your lessons so that you later know where to find them. We also recommend making a backup copy, in case this folder gets accidentally moved or deleted!

What browser do you recommend for viewing iDance?

We strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox, regardless of what kind of computer you use. And is by far the most secure and versatile browser, making the safest, fastest, and cleanest web-browsing experience possible. To download it now, click here.

How do I decide which lessons to buy?

Many (but not all) of the lessons on this site are designed for those with some dance experience, who know what they are looking for. If, however, you'd like a recommendation, and are a new dancer, you will probably get the most from our site by exploring our extensive library of various swing dance lessons. We'd suggesting starting with Jitterbug, and then perhaps moving on to Lindy Hop or Balboa.

What Level am I?

All levels are relative to that style. For instance, you might be an experienced West Coast Swing dancer, but if you have never done Balboa, then you should first look at the level 1 lessons for Balboa. Beyond that, follow these simple loose guidelines:

  • Level 1- You have no experience in this style.
  • Level 2- You know the basics. You are building your repertoire.
  • Level 3- You are busy learning everything about the dance, from all the common (and not-so-common) patterns, to the details of good technique.
  • Level 4- You are an advanced dancer in this style, and would be recognized as such by the top instructors in the field. You are developing a strong personal style and are working on some very difficult steps.
  • Level 5- You are a master of this style, and your main interest now is in seeking out fresh new ideas and staying inspired.

How Can I earn more complimentary credit?

Earning complimentary credit on is pretty darn easy. Apart from the seasonal and special coupons we offer, we have many volunteer opportunities for those who have a little more time than money, or who are looking to get involved. Please contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities. We'd love to hear from you!

None of these were my question! How do I contact you?

After you have read all the FAQ's and made sure none of them can answer your question, you can send an email to customer service by clicking here. Make sure to state your name, your username, and every detail that is relevant to your problem so that we can help address it as rapidly as possible!