Info for Prospective Instructors

We want you to teach with us! is constantly adding new talented dancers and dance instructors to the site. Could you be the next one? We are interested in all dance styles! instructors have a world-wide audience, 24 hours a day. Many more benefits that instructors enjoy are detailed below.

Teach With Us

There are two ways to get your dance instruction on The First is to already have produced a DVD of dance instruction that we can convert and put in our online store. The second is to be recorded by our film crew. You may of course do both.

If you have the chops and experience and wish to join us as an instructor, please contact us AND PROVIDE ALL OF THE INFORMATION BELOW. Please make sure your information is complete and accurate.

  • Name, Location, email, phone
  • A link to 1 or more online videos of you dancing. *
  • A like to 1 or more online videos of you teaching.
  • Your dance style(s)
  • Wether you have DVD instructional videos already

* Please make sure that any facebook videos are public before sending to us. To test this, log out of Facebook and try your link.

We prefer that you have video of you teaching your dance. We may make exceptions if you are an EXCEPTIONAL dancer and just starting your teaching career. Instructors Enjoy

Dance instructors all over the world find an ideal partner which empowers them to fully participate in the social digital age. has solved the many daunting technical challenges of a digital instruction marketplace. Because of this, dance instructors are able focus more completely on their dancing and instructional careers, and not on trying to be a web guru.

The valuable solutions that offers dance instructors are:

  • Online store / marketplace to process credit cards and handles all payment & security concerns
  • Video editing to turn footage/DVDs into digestable, marketable pieces
  • A moble film studio and film crew to capture new lesson content
  • Search engine-oriented, user-friendly website for accessing a worldwide customer base
  • Video data file storage so you can have a video-based business w/o the expensive hardware
  • Marketing campaigns to attract new users
  • Weekly marketing campaigns to highlight new lessons, featured instructors, for users
  • Customer deals such as discounts, and coupons to stimulate interest and conversion
  • Customer support team to deal with fraud, quality control, and other issues
  • Video streaming and video downloads in multiple formats including mobile device formats
  • Restricted access to your valuable content (unlike youtube)
  • Biography page that points back to your own website
  • A instructor demo video for marketing and to inspire and attract students to your lessons
  • Performance team biography page that your team can use in marketing material
  • A media section that you may place any performances, interviews etc in
  • Event sponsorship to expose iDance instructors to attendees of dance events world-wide