Online Salsa Dance Lesson Video: Finding Your Balance On One Foot

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This crucial technical lesson is designed to help you develop your balance, especially during spins -- you will use this material for practically every new step you learn!

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Genre: Salsa
Level: 1
Duration: 5:24

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David Troesch Atlanta, GA, United States

David Troesch, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Salsa
Teaches with: Maria - Guajira
Available Lessons: 55 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 12 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From Atlanta, GA, United States

David was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada. He moved to Atlanta GA in 1998 and after exploring the south found the salsa world in 2007.

David has taught all over the east coast, at workshops and congresses from Philadelphia to Orlando. In late 2010 David began an intensive salsa training group focussed on lead and follow technique, spin technique, and direction change. He has also performed with many dance teams in Atlanta, including Jimmy Rumba's Semipro dance team for over two years. He's won first place in the Salsa Jam Bachata contest in 2009 and again placed 1st Rumba Room Salsa Contest and 2nd at T&G salsa competition in 2010. David teaches Salsa ON1, Salsa ON2 and Bachata and excels at understanding and being able to communicate the little things that make a dancer great. He has appeared on CNN for a salsa special talking about the health and benefits of salsa. David has also appeared in 'La Epoca', a film about the history of Mambo, by Josue Joseph after only 8 months of dancing salsa.

Currently David is Maria Voisin's dance partner and is working on competing with her on the world salsa stage. Already they have competed in Philadelphia placing 5th. They are working on a new routine and you'll find them out dancing and performing on a stage near you.

David is known for his excitement and playful attitude on the dance floor, and focuses on teaching people to find the fun in dance and let that take their dancing to new levels.

Maria - guajira Asheville, NC, United States

Maria - guajira, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Salsa
Teaches with: Hector Gutierrez David Troesch
Available Lessons: 81 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 18 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From Asheville, NC, United States

Maria resides in Atlanta, GA, since moving in January 2011. She founded Salseros 828 Latin Dance School in Asheville, N.C. in 1999, steadily building a Latin dance scene over the course of 11 years. She is a certified Ballroom Instructor, has 14 years experience teaching Salsa, and Afro Cuban, and has taught at universities including UNCA, Blue Ridge Community College, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Emory University, and countless Salsa Congresses and festivals around the country. Maria is the Organizer of the Stiletto Dance Retreat in Asheville focused on Latin Dance training in a Retreat setting. Maria currently teaches regular Salsa and Latin dance classes in Atlanta, directs Stiletto Dance Company - an all women's Latin repertory group, and performs with ABDT, Academy Ballroom Pro team. She is currently undergoing an intensive 600 hour Pilates Certification to enrich her knowledge of the body and further techniques for healthy movement.

Maria has been dancing Salsa since 1996, and grew up taking Ballet classes. She comes from a family of musicians, and her summers were spent as a youth in the Dominican Republic. She started formal studies with her first trip to Cuba in 1999 to study at the The National School of the Arts (ENA) in Havana. There she focused on the history of Salsa, studying the dances which contributed to the development of modern Salsa and the Rueda de Casino. She returns to Cuba frequently to continue her studies in Afro-Cuban folkloric dance and culture. In 1999, Maria started teaching Salsa in Asheville clubs and studios and formed Asheville's first Salsa Dance troupe, "Estilo Cubano". 2009 Maria travelled to Spain and took an intensive Flamenco immersion course. She continues her studies with world-renowned instructors every summer.

Maria was voted Asheville's #1 Dance Teacher in the Mountain Xpress 2007 "Best of" Reader's Poll. She has worked with non-profit organizations such as LEAF in Schools and Streets, Arts to People, and Asheville Parks and Recreation teaching the youth Salsa in Asheville. She has helped to bring Asheville's growing Salsa community into the national spotlight, with write-ups in the New York Times, Southern Living, and Verve magazine. Maria has taught and performed at Congresses and events all over the country, most recently on the Aventura Salsa Cruise, Miss Georgia Latina Pageant, the Philly Salsa Fest and the Hotlanta Salsa Congress. She offers a unique approach to Afro-Cuban and ladies styling and spinning technique, and is known for her creative approaches to choreography and musicality. She is great at breaking down the material and creating community through dance.




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