Online Lindy Hop Dance Lesson Video: Camp Savoy 2010: Frankie's Shoulder Catch Variation

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Michael and Evita take the classic Shoulder Catch move and interrupt the rotation to create interesting footwork and body placement for furthering a combination.

Price: $1.99
Genre: Lindy Hop
Instructors: Evita Arce, Michael Jagger
Level: 3
Duration: 10:46

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Evita Arce New York, NY, United States

Evita Arce, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Vintage Dances Partner Charleston Lindy Hop Tap Jazz (vernacular) Blues
Teaches with: Nathan Bugh Michael Jagger
Available Lessons: 155 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 38 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From New York, NY, United States

Evita Arce is a Swing dance phemon, known internationally for her endless energy, inspiring performances, and elegant, feminine movement. Whether on stage or leading a class, her vibrant persona inspires on-lookers to dance and live in the moment. She has taught all over the world at Lindy Hop events spanning the US to the UK, Japan to Australia, Canada to Europe.

As a teacher, Evita's patience and bright, friendly classroom manor belies the extraordinary depth of her technical knowledge. She is adament about understanding anatomy and efficiancy of movement. Her open, enthusiastic connection with people lends to her entertaining communication in the classroom. Evita has had the great privileged of partnering several amazing teachers including, Michael Jagger, Nathan Bugh, Joel Plys, Manu Smith, Steven Mitchell, and Ryan Francois!

As a performer, Evita has appeared on television, and on major stages in three different continents. Evita danced the feature Lindy Hop role in multiple tours of the Broadway musical "SWING!". At the landmark "Frankie 95" memorial, Evita was among the hand full of performers to appear before 2,000 Swing dancers from around the globe.

Evita is a member of Ryan's company, Swing Xtreme. With the company, she has performed at The Edinburgh Jazz Festival and the prestigious Lyric Theatre in London's West End. Evita is also a member of The Killer Dillers who won the team division at ILHC and are quickly appearing all over the world for their array of authentic jazz dances.

Evita has choreographed and danced for Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at The Kennedy Center in DC, celebrating MLK and President Obama's inauguration. Evita choreographed "Sleigh Bells Swing," a 2 week show in Time Square with George Gee's Orchestra at the Edison Ballroom. Evita is exceptionally proud of her recent success directing the 2009 New Years Eve show, The Red Hot Rythnm Review, at Lindy Focus.

Commercials and television appearances have popped up frequently since Evita, with partner Michael Jagger, advanced to finals in season three of FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance"--the only Lindy Hop couple to do so.

Michael Jagger New York, NY, United States

Michael Jagger, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Partner Charleston Lindy Hop Jazz (vernacular)
Teaches with: Evita Arce
Available Lessons: 47 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 8 Dance Lesson Packs
Hailing From New York, NY, United States

Michael, a full time dancer in NYC, brings an exuberant energy and joy to every project, whether it's teaching classes worldwide or performing in renowned theaters. With his partner Evita Arce, their combined resumes span the globe from Dubai to the UK, Sweden to Australia! Evita and Michael were the featured Lindy Hop couple in the 2008 Japan Broadway tour of SWING! They have performed at The Rose Theatre and The Kennedy Center with Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Commercials and other television appearances have popped up frequently for Evita and Michael since they advanced to finals in Las Vegas on season 3 of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance -- the only Lindy Hop couple to do so.

Thanks to Ryan Francois & Jenny Thomas, in 2003, Evita and Michael were introduced to each other while working with Ryan's company in Los Angeles. Since then, Evita and Michael have been members of Swing Xtreme and have performed at The Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Camp Savoy, and at the Lyric Theater in the West End of London.

Michael and Evita have won awards at several national Swing events, most notably their 1st place wins in the Cabaret Divisions at ALHC and ILHC. Michael and Evita are recognized for their ability to combine technical feats with phenomenal dancing and theatrical storytelling.

Currently, the two teach regular classes at Dance Manhattan and continue to travel the world. As teachers, Michael and Evita emphasize anatomy and efficient use of the body. Connecting movements and clearly projecting direction help create their lead and follow technique. Above all other descriptions, one will surely say that Michael and Evita are inspiring to watch and a possess a warm welcome to any student of Lindy Hop.




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