Online Lindy Hop Dance Lesson Pack: Lunges: Beginner To Masters (4 lessons)

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Title: Lunges: Beginner to Masters

Description: Ever wondered how to create those beautiful partnered lunges you see in blues and Lindy Hop? This lesson pack starts with fundamental lunge technique, then expands upon it to delve into flashier and more dynamic variations.

Dance genre: Lindy Hop

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Lessons in this pack

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Lunge Basics :: Lindy Hop
In this lesson you will learn all of the ingredients that make up a solid lunge. Breakdown includes separate body-position walk-through for leads and follows, a checklist of technical reminders that will help you to a...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


Lunge Scoots :: Lindy Hop
This lesson builds on your lunge basics, giving you a fun and flashy variation to do within the lunge position. Breakdown includes timing and styling options, footwork walk-throughs for both partners, and plenty of ti...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


Dynamic Lunge Entrances :: Lindy Hop
This jam-packed lesson teaches two distinct entrances into the lunge position which make use of a wide range of movements and handholds. Breakdown includes all the necessary timing, positioning and footwork details, w...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


Lunge With Butterfly Kicks :: Lindy Hop
This lesson teaches a big and flashy air step that can be used in lunge position. Breakdown includes a separate footwork walk-through for both partners, plenty of styling and connection tips, plus drills for several "...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


(1-4 of 4)
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