Online Lindy Hop Dance Lesson Pack: Idlewild Aerial Combo Pack (3 lessons)

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Title: Idlewild Aerial Combo Pack

Description: The hit movie Idlewild had a great Lindy Hop dance sequence featuring one particular air step which is actually a combination of two older ones. Learn all three and become a true aerial guru!

Dance genre: Lindy Hop

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Lessons in this pack

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Shrimp Roll :: Lindy Hop
A funny name, but a serious aerial. This classic aerial was made famous by the Hellzapoppin' clip and is a great way to quickly get off the floor. Always use a spotter when learning aerials and follow all safety instr...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


Back Flip :: Lindy Hop
This lesson teaches the mother of all back flips: The Back Flip. Seriously, this is a must-know aerial, and Kevin and Jo walk you through 5 stages of preparation to make sure you learn it right, with an emphasis on cl...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


Idlewild :: Lindy Hop
A new aerial inspired from the Lindy Hop sequence in the hit movie Idlewild, this fun flying aerial starts on the floor and rolls all the way up! Learn to piece together the Shrimp Roll and Backflip into this wild aer...
Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent


(1-3 of 3)
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