Online Lindy Hop Dance Lesson Pack: Nathan And Evita: Lindy Hop Tools (2 lessons)

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Title: Nathan and Evita: Lindy Hop Tools

Description: This lesson pack is an ongoing resource that contains conceptual lessons by Nathan and Evita, all designed to strengthen your overall Lindy Hop skill set. As new lessons in this category are filmed, so will they be added here.

Dance genre: Lindy Hop

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Lessons in this pack

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Advice For Teaching Swingouts :: Lindy Hop
In this lesson, Nathan and Evita draw on their years of practical teaching experience to give advice to those of you who are out there doing some teaching yourselves. Focusing specifically on the swing out, you will g...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh


The Unlimited Spin :: Lindy Hop
This lesson delves deep into the study of connected spins, picking apart the muscles used for each part of the movement and the connection, strengthening the communication between partners as well as the nitty gritty ...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh


(1-2 of 2)
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