Online Jazz (Vernacular) Dance Lesson Pack: Performing Jazz Steps (2 lessons)

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Title: Performing Jazz Steps

Description: These lessons focus on performing jazz steps with explosive dynamism, breaking down not only the timing and styling of each step, but also looking deeper into the energy that goes into its presentation.

Dance genre: Jazz (Vernacular)

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Lessons in this pack

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Lesson , Style Instructors Level Price
Performing Fall Off The Log :: Jazz (Vernacular)
This lesson teaches a fundamental solo move taught specifically for a performance context. Breakdown focuses on foot placement, arm-work and timing details you will need to master this way of performing the step so th...
Evita Arce


Performing 'The Chase' :: Jazz (Vernacular)
This lesson teaches an exciting and flashy jazz pattern for two people. The pattern is broken down with emphasis on energy and visual impact. Breakdown includes body positioning, timing, footwork and arm work details,...
Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh


(1-2 of 2)
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