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What Is Collegiate Shag?

History: Rumored to have originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, Collegiate Shag is a fast-paced upright partner dance from the swing era. College students and young people bitten by the Swing craze started this energetic, quickstep dance to keep up with the fast tempos.

How it works: Retaining a ballroom grip and partnering skills from regular ballroom dances along with the rhythmic up and down energy from early swing dances like Charleston and Peabody, Collegiate Shag mainly uses six-count moves and turns similar to Jitterbug or six-count Lindy Hop. The main characteristic, however, is the Collegiate Shag dancers' motion, steadily hopping to the beat with fast footwork. Footwork styling is an important way the Collegiate Shag dancers interpret music and increase their personal input to the dance.

Why you should dance Collegiate Shag: If you crave fast swing music with a passion and are looking for a workout, this simple but energetic dance will keep you on your toes and in shape for years to come. Collegiate Shag is fun and easy to learn, and is impressive to watch because of the fast footwork at high speeds.

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Collegiate Shag Lesson Pack
Levels 1, 2, 3
Collegiate Shag Lesson Pack
Levels 1, 2, 3

Recommended Collegiate Shag Lessons