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Drea Lee

What Is Jazz (modern)?

Overview: Jazz (also called Modern Jazz, in contrast with Vernacular Jazz), developed post 1950, and was in part a reinterpretation of Caribbean dances into a more performance art style. At that point pop music was expanding beyond the traditional jazz that had dominated for decades, and jazz dancing, especially on Broadway, used this variety of new influences to redefine itself. Jazz dance remains an important element in Musical Theater, and is known mainly in Pop Culture through its presence in Music Videos and competition dance shows.

How it works: Jazz dance begins with a foundation of Ballet technique, but also incorporates a diverse set of modern influences including contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, and acrobatics, which are in turn influenced by jazz.

Why you should dance Jazz: If you love to move to high energy musical from a wide range of popular styles, this is the style for you. It also provides a great window into Ballet technique to strengthen your overall dancing, and other contemporary styles to broaden your talent.

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