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What Is Lyrical Contemporary?

Overview:Typically considered a fusion of Ballet and Jazz, Lyrical (a subset of the still-evolving Contemporary style) in an expressive, subtle, and dynamic dance style which focuses on embodying the music and conveying one's emotions through movement. Originally choreographed to slower music, ballads, and more contemplative songs, the style now embraces a wide variety of music, often among the various pop genres.

The style tends to be intimate, personal, and emotional, compared to the more presentational quality often found in broadway and jazz. Its recent development reflects dancers' and choreographers' desire to express a wider variety of music with an equally wide range of emotional content.

How it works:A typical dance will follow the dynamic flow of the music, often emphasizing subtleties of the music as well as its big gestures. The movement is often characterized by a connective quality, in which each figure is not isolated from the next, but part of an ongoing flow. Ballet technique is considered an essential foundation, but just as Lyrical makes use of very intricate and technically demanding steps, so does it intersperse these with naturalistic or pedestrian movements. Though technique is crucial to great execution, the dancer's intent, spirit, and emotional honesty are also highly valued.

Why you should dance Lyrical Contemporary: If you have the discipline to work tirelessly at your technique, the personal drive to express yourself with great passion, and the confidence to show the audience your vulnerability, your are well built for Lyrical dancing.

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