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Steve is the 2005 International Bal-Swing Champion and the 2005 National Jitterbug Championships, Pro Bal Division, Champion and has been competing and winning competitions for years as well as teaching Balboa, Bal-Swing and Lindy Hop to many students the country, including many of the teachers who teach today. Swing Dancing since 1996, his voracious appetite for history aided in his emerging into a Big Band music and dance historian, helping him understand all the different styles of Swing and why they fit so well with evolving music rhythms of the time. Steve was fortunate to have learned much of his Swing and Balboa directly from the old-timers who he actively sought out. The old timers are those amazing dancers who innovated and danced the dance in the 30's & 40's, won jitterbug contests, and performed in the Swing era movies. Over many years Steve studied one on one on a steady and regular basis with the greats: Maxie Dorf, Ann Mills, Bart Bartolo, Hal Takier, Willie Desatof and others. Today Steve travels extensively throughout the USA and many countries abroad, bringing his knowledge and style of Swing to dancers everywhere.

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