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Heidi is the 2005 International Bal-Swing Champion and the 2005 National Jitterbug Championships, Pro Bal Division, Champion and has been swing dancing for over 10 years. She comes to Swing with a trained knowledge of dance and body movement, which she acquired as a dance major as well as from a long history of studying and teaching ballet, tap and jazz spanning over several decades, and even spent several years performing in the circus. With this background she has a remarkable understanding of body movement and mechanics and can break down moves and provide dance technique to students in easily understandable ways. Heidi has been fortunate to learn many moves one on one directly from the old-timers, including Hal Takier, Dean Raftery, Ann Mills and Natalie Esparza. Heidi embraces her feminist roots and strives to bring to follows all the fun and flair that has been historically reserved for the leads. Today she travels extensively throughout the USA and many countries abroad, bringing her knowledge and style of Swing to dancers everywhere. Heidi currently resides in Glendale.

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