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Not all songs have one of the above-mentioned forms: 12 bars, 16 bars, or 32 bars. Some songs have forms unique to their melody. For example: Sugar Blues, Darktown Strutter's Ball, and A Good Man Is Hard To Find. These songs have irregular forms. In Sugar Blues the chorus is divided into two sections; the first section has four 8-counts and the second section has five 8-counts (18 bars). In Darktown Strutter's Ball there are two distinct sections; the first section is four 8-counts and the second is six 8-counts (20 bars). A Good Man Is Hard To Find has two sections with four 8-counts in the first and seven 8-counts in the second (22 bars).

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Chance Bushman

Chance Bushman, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Lindy Hop Jazz (vernacular)
Teaches with: Giselle Anguizola
Available Lessons: 8 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 2 Dance Lesson Packs
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Chance is a full-time, professional dancer, teacher, event organizer, and entertainer. While he has taught and performed around the world, he considers himself a social dancer first and foremost. He teaches and performs regularly with four fabulous dancers: Amy Johnson, Giselle Anguizola, Katherine Griffin, and Lisa Casper. He considers himself a "Traditional Jazz Dancer" and is proficient in Jazz, Tap, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues.

He performs regularly with bands and strives at all times to be a visual representation of the music. He has performed with these amazing bands: Loose Marbles, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns, Tuba Skinny, Sophie Lee, Sarah Quintana, Reggie's Red Hot Feetwarmers, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Cassidy & The Orleans Kids, The Speakeasy Trio, Luke Winslow King, The Royal Frenchmen, and Grandaddy Slank!

Giselle Anguizola

Giselle Anguizola, Online Dance Teacher Profile
Dance Styles: Lindy Hop Jazz (vernacular)
Teaches with: Nathan Bugh Chance Bushman
Available Lessons: 12 Dance Lessons
Available Lessons Packs: 2 Dance Lesson Packs
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Giselle has been a pioneer and a unique voice in the Lindy community for over a decade. She has appeared at New Orleans Jazz Fest with Miss Sophie Lee and was featured on the television show, After The Catch. An experienced instructor, she has taught at key dance events including Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. Giselle is also the founder of Girl Jam, the first dance festival devoted to honoring women in jazz music and dance. She spends her weekends performing on the streets of New Orleans, captivating passersby with her distinctive, rhythmic style.

Giselle is a traditional jazz dancer that is well versed in early American vernacular dance. She has dedicated herself to the preservation of this art form as a researcher and instructor. Her passion for history has allowed her to meet and study with influential dancers from various generations, such as Dr. Jeni Legon, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, and Chester Whitmore. She is an internationally known instructor, performer, choreographer, competitor, judge, social dancer, and DJ. She has been an organizer and participant of several swing dance clubs, festivals and events throughout the world since 1999.

Affiliations include the San Diego Lindy Hop Society, Los Angeles Lindy Exchange, Mad-Dog dance troupe, SoCal Sugar Babies chorus, Cherries Jubilee chorus, and Olio The Show, a modern day jazz production. She is founder of Girl Jams; festivals dedicated to honoring women in jazz music and dance history. She has taught students of all ages and levels at the Firehouse Swing School, The Wood Room, Keiller Leadership Academy, Centro Cultural de la Raza, and the University of CA Irvine. She has taught at well-known dance camps and music festivals, such as French Quarter Festival and Satchmo Festival. She has performed at Jazz Fest with Miss Sophie Lee and has been featured on the television show, "After the Catch". Giselle currently lives in New Orleans, working with traditional jazz bands on a regular basis. She teaches and performs with the NOLA Jitterbugs Dance School/LLC and is member of the Wild Dominos dance troupe. Giselle acts as participating board member of the NOLA Jitterbugs Initiative, a non-profit that builds stronger community through social dance.




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