Online Bhangra Dance Lessons Pack: Learn To Dance Bhangra Style (12 lessons)

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Title: Learn To Dance Bhangra Style


Join Honey Kalara to learn the fundamentals of the Bhangra Dance Style. The following concepts are taught. Rhythm and Coordination, Shoulder Movement, Hands and Wrists,The Luddi Step, Chicken Steps, The Basic Luddi, Basic Luddi with Arms,The Dhamaal, The Dhamaal Jumps, Dhamaal Jumps with Arms, Dhamaal Jumps Turn,The Thumka,The Jumping Thumka, Jumping Thumka with Arms, Jumping Thumka Twist,The Fumniya, The Fumniya Hands, Fumniya with Quick Steps, Fumniya with Bhangra Arms,The Chamawal, The Chamawal Feet, Chamawal Feet with Hands, Chamawal Circle,The Jugni, Jugni Hands, Jugni Walk, Jugni Walk with Arms,Side Thali, Forward and Back Thali Step, Side Thali Arms, Side Thali Move,The Chanda, Chanda Feet, Chanda Hand Movement, The Chicken Chanda,The Mirja, The Basic Mirja, Mirja Arms, The Swaying Mirja,The Tankra, The 3 Step Tankra, The 4 Step Tankra, The Spinning Tankra,Chutkiya, Chutkiya Kicks, Chutkiya Arms, Chutkiya Corner.

Dance genre: Bhangra

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(1-12 of 12)
(1-12 of 12)