Online Bollywood Dance Lessons Pack: Learn To Dance Bollywood Style (13 lessons)

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Title: Learn To Dance Bollywood Style


Join Honey Kalara to learn the fundamentals of Bollywood Style Dance. The following concepts are taught. Understanding Rhythm, Rhythm and Coordination, Coordination Lesson, Coordination Bonus. The Triple Head Move, Head Shakes, Head Rolls, Shoulder Lifts, Shoulder Shakes, Shoulder Rolls. Hip Twists, Hip Sways, Hip Circles, Hip Moves Routine. The Oxygen Rule, The Water Rule, The Aerobic Exercise Rule. Classical Woof Woofs, Classical Hands, Classical Dance Routine, Rotating Flower and Routine. The 4 Step Circle, The Dotted Circle, Semi Circles, 1/4 Steps, Spins and Turns Routine. Arabic Arms, Arms Across the Face, Hand Wiggles, Arabic Hand Routine. Balancing on One Leg, Classical Leg Poses. Body Rolls, Hand Rolls, Body Wave, The Combined Body Roll and Routine. Put the skills you learned in the first 12 lessons into context with these integrated routines.

Dance genre: Bollywood

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(1-13 of 13)